Bomboli Cloud Forest

Just half an hour away from the southern limit of Quito, on the 20th Km of the Aloag-Santo Domingo road; located on the occidental side of the Andes mountains inside the Illinizas Ecological Reserve, we will find a natural treasure called Bomboli, a private reserve that’s up high about 3000 meters above sea level. This private reserve has an extension of 120 hectares of Primary Highland Forest and 80 hectares of Secondary Forest; well preserved and taken care of by a couple of long life lovers of nature by the names of “Oswaldito and Marianita”. This beautiful family has dedicated a big part of their life’s, 30 years to be exact, to see these inspiring results. Bomboli shows us how with lots of patience and love you can conserve and appreciate mother nature, which is essential for this planets existence.

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    • Bombolí (full day vivential tourism).

    • Roses and Orchids (full day, ecotourism).

    • Bombolí (2 days / 1 night, vivential and nature).

    • Bombolí & train (2 days / 1 night).

    • Bombolí & rafting (2 days / 1 night, Adventure package).

    • Horseback Riding in the Andes (2 days / 1 night, Adventure Package).

    • Bombolí & Tsachila community (2 days / 1 night cultural Package).

    • Family camping (2 or 3 days).

    • Volunteering at Bombolí (1 week for group and individual)

    • Summer programs (package for families and groups)

    • Holistic health package & yoga (individuals and small groups)

    • Environmental conservation educational programs (flexible time)


    • Millenary trees

    • Giant Ferns Forest

    • More than 200 different species of orchids in their natural state

    • Wide variety of birds

    • 16 beautiful waterfalls

    • More than 11 Km. of different trails with a wide variety of flora and fauna

    • Orchid gardens

    • Bond with the local hosts at Bomboli

    • Preparation of craft cheese, more than 15 types of jams and also caramel flavored cream

    • Easy walks through the forest


    • Rafting (2 days program)

    • Horseback riding

    • Ecuadorian cuisine tutorials

    • Train (2 days program)

    • Guest craftsman

    • Camping (for families and teenagers)

    • Summer vacation programs

    • Environmental conservation

    • Visit to the Tsachilas community (2 days program)

    • Easy walks through the forest



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